Benefits Of Using A Diversion Vent Safe

A vent safe is an increasingly popular way for people to keep their valuables protected at home. This safe looks just like an HVAC vent and can be installed in any room of your home. It is the perfect way to keep money and jewelry safe if your home were ever to be broken into. It is also a great way to secure weapons and keep them away from any children in the house. There are a number of advantages that a vent safe has over a more traditional st Read more...

The Emergency Food Supply-25 Yrs Shelf Life

The Emergency Food supply kit helps you store your long-term food supply for the next 25 years. After all, everything we sell has a shelf life of 25 years. How do the emergency kits operate? It has nitrogen packed food pouches with oxygen absorbers on the inside. The unique feature in the kit keeps the food fresh for up to 25 years. Read more...

Why Buy A Door Jammer: Portable Security Device

What can a door jammer do? It is a security feature that keeps unwanted intruders in your home, office, college dorms and classrooms. It secures the premises; keeping the occupants inside and the intruders outside. Read more...

Diversion Safes On Sale Today!

Diversion safes go by different names. Some people call can safes, others call it hidden safes, or fake safes and so on. It goes by different names and yet performs unique functions in the home. This is the place you can hide your valuable items in the home out of the sight of visitors, burglars and other people who may intend to make away with those important personal valuable items. Read more...

Buying the Perfect Concealed Carry Handbags

One of the most underrated parts of having a gun in the first place is shopping for concealed carry handbags and concealment gun holster purses. People who carry weapons with them frequently for the sake of safety will need a place for the weapons in question. They should choose something that will match their personal sense of style. Read more...


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