Mini Emergency Power Outages Lantern

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Emergency lantern, 12 inches tall with handles extended. Great for Camping, Hiking, Emergency, Survival, Hurricane, Storm, Outages. I would strongly recommend keeping a couple of these around your house (they are also great for camping)


Handy emergency survival lantern has 18 super-bright LED lights inside that turn on with the turn of the knob. The copper finish adds a fun, regal touch. Includes dimmer switch for easy light adjustment. Stand alone on a table or lift up by the handles to hang. Great for power outages, bug out bag, survival pack, dorm room, garage, camping, and more. Light output is 130 lumens. Operates with 3 D-size batteries (not included).

Weight 0.8 pound
4.25 inches in diameter x 7.75 inches tall
12 inches tall with handles extended
UPC 841437111996


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