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It is a unique and movable door safety device for anybody who values security and privacy. It is a perfect security measure for those traveling, at home, or work. It is a door safety innovation that keeps burglars away.

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How secure and genuine is the door jammer? The SBD department endorses it. The SBD is the official United Kingdom Police flagship project. It aims at phasing out crime especially burglary.

Additionally, the door jammer has passed the improved performance tests. For instance, it can withstand high impact exerted to a door. It fits various kinds of doors ranging from the exterior to sliding glass doors.

How does the door jammer work?

When a greater pressure is applied to the door during forced entry, the door jammer holds the door in place in a strong position. Exerting external horizontal pressure to the door converts into a perpendicular force. The vertical force anchors and holds the jammer firmly to the ground.

Besides the jammer preventing horizontal movement, it forces the door to arch upwards. In the process, it increases the grip of the door jammer and reduces its chances of sliding on the floor.

Burglars will have a difficult breaking into the house. During a crisis, the door jammer can be removed underneath the door. Just pull it upwards, and it locks the door. Keep your family safe.

Door jammers features

Strong design: When horizontal pressure is applied on a door, it is turned into vertical energy that anchors the door tightly to the floor.

It is ideal for all door types. However, there should be a gap (approximately 1/8 inch) under the door. Any attempted forced entry will jam the door, keeping the occupants safe, It is ideal for all floor types. It has a footpad that is rubber coated. It can be installed on carpet, tiles, and hardwood floors.

It is easily removable in an emergency. To pull the jammer off, pull the door jammer upwards, and it automatically unlocks.

Compact, lightweight and compatible- It weighs 8 oz making it a great travel companion. It easily fits in a suitcase, purse or backpack. Students or anyone traveling can fix it on their college dorm and hotel rooms respectively.

What does the Door Jammer package contain?

Door Jammer
Instruction manual
Footpad (rubber coated)
Carrying Case(Black)

Benefits of Door Jammers

They are easy to install

Since they are used on a temporary basis, they are designed that allows easy installation. It takes a short time to install and uninstall.


They are easy to carry around without causing any inconveniences. They come in compact sizes making them easy to transport.

Easy to use

Besides easy installation, the portable locks are easy to use. They have simple features that one can operate without any profound knowledge.

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