5 Reason to Own a Sting Ring – Stun Gun

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Sting ring is perhaps the most innovative protective device on the market today. It is a gun, but it is quite different from several others out there because of the fantastic design. The design is such that you can easily conceal the gun base on your hands, and this means that nobody would know that you are having a gun. What other people can see is the sting ring top. It is ergonomic in design; the stun gun ring base feels natural when you have it in your palms. Because it holds is firmly in the hand and the fact that somebody may not easily recognize what it is, it would be extremely difficult for your attacker to snatch it from you.

Stun Gun Sting Ring

It features a Squeeze N Technology and it can save your life and scare attackers away from you. Confronted by any panic situation, you do not need to panic or look for the trigger. It is a question of turning the safety off and tighten your grip of the stun gun ring, this is enough to activate it into action. The model is meant to be a defense device and not an attacking device. Touching the attacker for a few seconds will send a clear message to your attacker. It would course a serious shock to the attacker such that he can lose balance and control and eventually bringing him to your captivity or submission. Recovery can take up to five to ten minutes and by then you must have fully activated your full defensive system.

Five reasons to own a sting ring- stun gun

There are a lot of reasons you must own a sting ring- stun gun. Here are just a few of them.

Self-defense and protection

The major reason to own this kind of safety device is for self-protection. When it comes to self-defense and protection, any minutes you spend to prolong your life is worth it. If you do not act fast, your life could be on the line, because of that, you need this gun to protect yourself against any close personal attack. When you find yourself in a panic situation such that you need to defend yourself, you can rely on this great technology. Confronted by such a harmful situation, you can easily activate the gun by squeezing it in the palms of your hands and punch the ring to your attacker. When you do that it is going to give you the relief you want.

It is simple to use

Sting Ring – Stun GunAnother reason you can use this device is the fact that it is simple and easy to use. In a situation of panic, you do not need to worry about looking for triggers and so on. It is a question of removing the safety and squeezing the palm of your hands and you are ready to go. Even if there is anything to learn before you use this, it is not going to be as extensive as learning how to pull the trigger. In other words, if you are looking for the perfect and the most effective tool to defend yourself against very close aggression, this is a significant discrete protection tool, and you need it to enact surprises if you want to secure yourself against an unwarranted attack.

Great safety features and rechargeable

The problem of accidental discharge would never arise as it has safety features in place. To ensure that you do not harm yourself or harm other people unwittingly, it has a safety switch which you can put on when you want. Unlike guns which can accidentally discharge this cannot happen here because you can switch it before it can discharge, and you can do that consciously. It is easy to switch on than loading guns and pulling the trigger. Furthermore, it is an electronic device and because of that, you can recharge it when the batteries run down. Because of this, it is considered as cost-effective as monies you would have spent on batteries would be saved for other important family use. To ensure that you recharge it, the product comes with a recharging cord, which you can plug to a power source. It is environmentally friendly.

Highly portable

Another reason you should own this is that it is not difficult to take it along with you. You can easily conceal that in your hands and nobody can see it. If they could see it, they would not have deemed it reasonable to come closer to attack you. It appears that the only way you can use it against aggression is when the attacker is closer to you. It is portable and that means that it is lightweight and compact design. The product is user-friendly.

Stun Gun Sting Ring

It does not kill

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using this sting stung gun is the fact that it does not kill. Unlike like ammunition which can kill when you fire it, this is designed purely for self-defensive purposely and nothing more. If you stay in places where the use of a gun is not fully allowed, you can easily use this one to defend yourself without going contrary to the law. When you use this, you discover that your attacker would hardly know what you are carrying and the element of surprise is there to defend yourself and you can do that without going contrary to the laws of the state.

Flashlight capabilities

The gun has a flashlight mode. Many users take advantage of that and use it in the night. If you want to walk in the night or you want to walk your pet in the dark, you can use the product because it can provide you the illumination you require in the dark. You can charge it while you are indoors especially in the bedroom where people will not see it. When you charge it in the bedroom where nobody else will see it, you can then you use in the night for lighting purpose. You have seen that the product has multipurpose use. The most important aspect of it is that it is environmentally friendly. If you want to secure yourself, you require this sting ring- stun gun. Since many Americans own a gun, you can afford this.