Bureau of Justice estimated 3.7 million household burglaries occurred each year on average - Most Commonly Stolen Items - Cash, Electronics, Gold, Guns, Jewelry, Silver. Diversion Safes can help hide your valuables in plain sight - - - - - - - - - - -- Get a diversion safe and hide your valuables in plain sight. A safe that looks like candle, soda, air vent can or even a book is perfect for concealing valuables.

Air Vent Security Diversion Safes
vent diversion safe

Advantages of Hidden Vent Diversion Safes A vent safe is an increasingly popular way for people to keep their valuables protected at home. This safe looks just like an HVAC vent and can be installed in any room of your home. It is the perfect way to keep money and jewelry safe if your home were ever to be broken into. It is also a great way to secure weapons and keep them away from any…

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Diversion Safes to Secure Personal Items
Diversion Safes for Personal Items

Wall Safes Keeping Personal Items Safe Do you want to buy a safe? One of the best places to secure weapons, jewelry, money and guns is in a safe. However, most safes have become too familiar. It means you should consider wall shelf safe or vent diversion safes. That’s because they blend with any decor or wall air system, it looks as if it were part of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning HVAC equipment or…

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Rugged Cellphone with Flashlight and Waterproof
waterproof outdoor cell phone

Durable Outdoor Activity Cell Phone Do you want a phone with a powerful flashlight for your outdoor activities? There are many benefits of purchasing a Smartphone that precisely suits your outdoor activities. That’s because it may get exposed to extreme weather such as rain and snow as you camp. Depending on the duration of your camping activity, you may also find that you will spend at least one night outside. That means you should consider buying…

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1# Things A Burglar Looks for When Targeting A Home

1. The presence of a home security system We all know alarm systems protect our homes and alert the authorities. Did you know they are also the biggest deterrent reported by burglars? Home security systems typically leave the thief a limited amount of time to find what they want and make their escape. Limited time means higher risk and lower reward for crooks. Because of this, about 60% of burglars interviewed said simply the presence of…

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